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Stained Glass design studio ST COLMAN’S CHURCH St Colmans Eucharist window Jesus at the Marraige at Cana Holy Spirit in Baptism window Proclamation of the Kingdom window detail of frankincense The Trinity window Union of Catholic Mothers stained glass window Disciples in the Transfiguration St Colmans porch windows PORCH WINDOWS

God is Love 2010

Three windows depicting olive trees around the central wording ‘God is Love’.


Union of Catholic Mothers 2008

Three light window celebrating the work of the UCM at St Colmans as one of service and dedication to motherhood and to doing God’s will. “Blessed is the Virgin Mary who bore the Son of the eternal Father”.

God is Love porch windows NAVE WINDOWS

The Mysteries of Light 2006-2010

The six new windows are on the theme of one of the four Mysteries of the Rosary, the Mysteries of Light.  Each of these five sections are the subjects of five of the windows- ‘Transfiguration’; Baptism in the Jordan’; Proclamation of the Kingdom’; ‘Marraige at Cana’; ‘Eucharist’; the sixth window being the Trinity, the ‘Glory Be’.

All six of the series are now completed.

Trinity New stained glass windows at St Colmans Church by Sunrise Stained Glass
St Therese of Lisieux window detail